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Business Structures

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Tax Planning

Tax strategies that make a difference

Through Capital Preservation Services’ Tax Planning, we will provide you with an income tax plan that is strategically aligned with the tax code, which places you in a position to be efficiently structured to legally reduce your tax liability. Recommended tax strategies will not be funding a qualified retirement plan, purchasing an annuity, or purchasing equipment prior to year end.
Tax Planning for Dentists Tax Planning for Physicians

“There are two systems of taxation in our country one for the informed, and one for the uniformed.”

- Judge Learned Hand
(the most influential judge not to serve on the Supreme Court)

Why engage Capital Preservation Services?

Consulting and financial advisory firm

Capital Preservation Services is a national consulting and financial advisory firm that has a strategic partnership with a group of highly skilled tax attorneys and tax professionals. Through their expertise these tax professionals have designed and implemented time tested tax-reduction strategies to legally reduce your taxes and build wealth for your family.

While our tax plans are extremely valuable at the current rates, a brief glimpse at historical income tax rates shows we are close to historically low tax rates. So our tax plans may become even more valuable in the future.


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Tax Planning By Tax Attorneys

Consulting and financial advisory firm

A tax attorney has a unique skill set required for strategic tax planning. A tax plan involves an understanding of the Internal Revenue Code and state laws, and the tax attorney applies the laws to the specific situation. Also, the tax attorney not only drafts documents and forms entities to implement the tax plan, the tax attorney explains how to conduct the proper substantiation. If a person engages a licensed attorney for these services, the person shall become a client of the attorney and the person will receive the benefits of the attorney client privilege, duty of loyalty, and the duty of confidentiality.

Audit Defense Plan

We will be your partner to help during the unlikely occurance of an audit


The key to a great tax plan


The key to a great tax plan is the substantiation. A great tax plan by definition meets the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code. However, the best designed plan will fail without proper documentation.

Each tax strategy has its own set of rules, but all are governed by the same general principles: Document at the time and place of the transaction. List the persons present and describe the expense and its business purpose. We have some easy ways to accomplish the substantiation.


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Experience and Expertise

Take the next step

Our team of tax attorneys and tax professionals has combined experience of providing income tax planning advice for over 30 years. Take the next step and engage our professionals to be sure you are properly structured to reduce your tax liability and build wealth for you and your family.


If you are currently paying more than $50,000 in taxes, own your own business, or have control over how and when you get paid, we may be able to save you a tremendous amount in taxes.



I get brought a lot of ideas. I say no to 99% of them, and after researching I find holes in them. This was a no brainer. I have told you before and I will tell you again, thank you. This really changes the landscape of things dramatically for me and my family.Utility Energy Consultant, Business Owner

We as CPA’s benefit when we can partner with tax attorneys who have the ability to assist us with corporate structure.CPA, Dallas, TX

I wish I had met these advisors 10 years ago. I always knew there was more I could be doing as a business owner. Finally, I have engaged advisors who are not recommending a 401K or purchasing something in December as a ways of reducing my taxes.OB/GYN physician
CPS, thanks again for another successful year. I appreciate all the hard work and effort you put in on my behalf. I know you have many customers but you always make me feel as though I am your only client and that is not easy to pull off. You have become a friend, advisor, and someone I really trust and count on.Business Owner, New York
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