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Advanced Tax Planning

Tax stratagies that make a difference

Through Capital Preservation Services’ Advanced Tax Planning, we will provide you with an income tax plan that is strategically aligned with the tax code, which places you in a position to be efficiently structured to legally reduce your tax liability. Recommended tax strategies will not be funding a qualified retirement plan, purchasing an annuity, or purchasing equipment prior to year end.
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Asset Protection Planning

Protect what's important

The integration of asset protection planning into estate and income tax plans has proven quite successful. The same structures which allow estate planning and income tax planning, are very well suited to protect assets.
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Business Succession Planning

creating a viable business plan

The number of business owners approaching or past retirement age is staggering.  It has been speculated that most do not have a business succession plan and most businesses do not last past the owner’s death or retirement—many times destroying the value built by the owner.  Our process allows for a path to creating a viable business plan—usually allowing the owner to convert equity into liquid funds.

Also if a business is sold under traditional methods, massive taxes may have to be paid.  For example, on a hypothetical sale of a business for $1,000,000, $855,629 in taxes may be due by the seller and buyer conjunctively.  The seller of the stock may pay a federal capital gains tax of $200,000, assuming a federal capital gains rate of 20%.  The purchaser of the business must generate $1,655,629 of ordinary income from operations to pay the federal income tax of $655,629, and leave $1,000,000 as after tax payment for the stock, assuming a federal tax rate of 39.60%.

Through our income tax strategies, the business can be transferred with much lower taxes.
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Estate Planning

Protect against, death, divorce and incapacity

We offer estate planning for our clients, so that the wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and health care directives protect against, death, divorce and incapacity.  As our clients tend to have higher levels of income, we offer innovative estate tax planning options desirable for high net worth clients.  As a complement to the estate planning, a combination with income tax planning has allowed for a much more robust estate tax plan, saving gift and estate tax as well as income tax.
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A renewed emphasis on marketing

Capital Preservation Services recommends our clients place a renewed emphasis on marketing. We believe that marketing is similar to food not medicine. You need food every day but you only need medicine to fix a problems-such as the lack of business-as they flair up. Please be aware this Marketing Plan will substantially change the way in which you do business both economically and practically, but you should see productive benefits. After the full implementation of this plan, instead of all income flowing to you, funds will be paid to a Marketing Company owned mostly by unrelated persons: carefully selected by you to use their talents to increase your business. This may negatively affect your economic situation as your personal cash flow will be less than before the plan. However, as the marketing benefits start to make gains, the income of the business is expected to increase. Please carefully review the effects of this Marketing and Tax Plan as they complement one another.
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